Beautiful Books

You’ve decided to create your book and are confused about the best way to go about it? You’ve searched the web but the information is either vague or overwhelming and the options all look terrible? You want someone who knows more than how to get it done and you want someone who’s easy to work with?

I’m here to help you.

I’ve authored or co-authored 11 books (so far) most of which I designed and produced. I’ve also designed and produced books for other people including picture books and how-to manuals. Some of the books were developed with traditional publishers, some have been self-published. I’ve seen the pros and cons of working both ways. And trust me, there are pros and cons in both systems.

You have lots of options these days in how you handle your manuscript. My aim is to help you have clarity on your best choices. Your best choices, not what’s right for someone else. Let’s start a conversation about your project..