Editors Association of Canada

On April 13th, I attended ProPub unconference in Vancouver, sponsored by EAC. I work in a vacuum generallly, all alone at my desk figuring out how to make projects work. Consequently, I don’t always have a sense of whether my skills are up to date or if there are better methods out there for what I do. Although, I’m a production person by trade and not an editor, I have edited material for others and, as a writer, have worked with my fair share of editors. Unsure of how useful it would be for me to hang out with a bunch of editors for the day, I attended somewhat reluctantly.

I’m so happy I went. I got to hear from disparate sources how people accomplish the work of bringing words to life. The attendees (editors, publishers, designers, partners) were completely open to sharing what works (and what doesn’t) in their operations. I learned quite a bit and also came away feeling really happy that what I do is relevant. If you are looking for an editor for your project or would like to know more about becoming an editor, this is a great organization to know about.¬†http://www.editors.ca/.

It Can Be Better

Searching the web for templates for ebooks, I realized most of them are ugly. It doesn’t have to be that way (alright, if it’s on Kindle maybe it does have to be ugly). For most ebook formats you have at least some possibilities of creating a pleasing layout for your information that supports what you have to say rather than fighting with it..